Premiere Show in Offenbach, Germany 
7 December 2010

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First impressions by Dave 


HUNDRED SEVENTY SPLIT - Second Premiere Show in Offenbach

Leo, Joe and Drummer Damon Sawyer performed in Offenbach, Germany on December 7th - this was the second night of their new band's premiere.

"HUNDRED SEVENTY SPLIT" sounds new and refreshing.
Old Dog / Young Dog - create a power house of rocking energy, thoughtful songs combined with a passion never before presented this way before. The bond between these two artists is so close, that it's impossible to tell which one is writing from youth and which one is writing from experience.

Their brand new cd is "Brilliantly Consistant" raw sound, strong vocals and powerful playing. Layers of sound with perfect producton values from Leo's part, will have you cranking it up louder and louder.


I tell you this - each song is a winner. This is the cd that everyone has been waiting for!!!!!!!!

December 9th they perform at New Morning in Paris, France, where more of our family of friends will attend the third and final premiere performance, of this exciting new band.


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